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The Art of Touch

Welcome to Vanadis, your cozy spot for holistic facials right in the heart of Zürich. I'm Sarah, and I'm all about giving great massages. With over a decade of experience working in luxury SPAs, I've learned how to make people feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

I truly believe that facials shouldn't just be about products—major changes as we age take place in the muscles and fascia. By putting massage at the center of my treatments, I can work on these deep levels, releasing blockages and tension, improving lymphatic and blood flow, and reducing stress.

At Vanadis, I work with different skincare lines from Canada or Korea that combine natural ingredients with the latest technology.

During your visit, expect to be enveloped in a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting, fresh aromas, and lush greenery. You'll be welcomed with a refreshing tea or infused water, and after your treatment, indulge in a small handmade treat. Relaxing music or soothing Lo-fi tunes set the scene for ultimate tranquility.

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Start your Skin Journey with a Consultation and Bespoke Treatment

Signature Treatment

Jacqueline (from Treatwell)

I’ve had an awesome experience with Sarah - she js a very calming and lovely person and treated me and my skin super well, gave me a lot of tips in the analysis beforehand and during the skin treatment. I went home afterwards with a nice feeling and a box with small products to try. 
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